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February 22, 2021
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Email was the one and only popular online services for email outreach. It was widely used in the field of sales and marketing for lead generation and customer relationship management. Various combinations and approaches of emails were used to initiate the communication with prospects.

Today, the way of approaching and communicating with the person you want to connect has changed and that’s because of social media. Social media has changed the definition of connecting and communicating with the person you want to connect.

When it comes to connecting with people for both professional and personal benefits then the most popular social media platform “LinkedIn” comes to everybody's mind.

On LinkedIn you can send LinkedIn outreach messages to your prospects or the person whom you want to connect. There is a difference between a simple email and a LinkedIn outreach and that’s the reason why they are used in different places according to their advantages and disadvantages.

In this post we will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of both email and LinkedIn outreach and also some of the differences between them.


Advantages of LinkedIn Outreach:

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals. It has over 650million users, most of them use it on a daily basis for checking out various things such as what’s trending, technological advancement, companies profile, job opportunities, checking messages for communicating with any of business clients, friends, colleagues or other professionals.

This social media platform is widely used and has made it easier for users to connect and communicate with the person or professionals they want with the help of LinkedIn messaging or InMails or LinkedIn outreach.

Within the app or the websites you can directly message to anyone with the help of LinkedIn premium or LinkedIn sales navigator.

There are unlimited possibilities on the platform having millions of users and that’s one of the reasons why you can easily connect and communicate with various professionals at a time and accelerate your career in the field of sales and marketing.

Using LinkedIn for outreach can be a bit more simple than the old emailing method in which you would have to collect the emails of the prospects or the person you want to connect and then validate them lastly adding them to your emailing campaign’s.

These email collecting and filtering tasks are usually done by the sales team and consume more time than messaging them instantaneously via LinkedIn outreach.

In LinkedIn you just have to find and filter your prospects and directly message them outreaching for any of the business or personal queries.

Finding and targeting the right prospect has also become easier with the help of various automation tools such as Alfred which is one of the easiest and most advanced, all in one sales enablement software for LinkedIn, Email and Twitter. It can help you a lot by saving your time and automating your process. Meet Alfred is also reliable and safe to use.

In a recent study it was found that people treat social media as a more personal, warmer and natural approach for any of the purchase of the services or products required by them. The open rate of LinkedIn InMail has become multiple times higher than email.


Disadvantages of LinkedIn Outreach:

The fact that LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals and is actively used by over 650 million users all over the world can become a negative point for you.

As on the dark side, it represents the heated competition on the platform. You are not alone hunting and searching for the right prospect with the right tool or the right approach.

There are millions other marketers on the platform who might have already implemented the fantastic or futuristic idea you were thinking about. Every company with their sales team is active on the platform and definitely don’t want to share their profit with their competitors leading to the rise in the competition.

The only thing a beginner requires to stand out of the crowd and perform excellently by generating more sales is to learn more about the popular automation tools or software and effective strategies with a correct approach. At last, strong communication is always a plus point.


Benefits of Email Marketing

Still, Email outreach is one of the most impactful advancement in the field of technology with communication and networking as a domain.

Email outreach is still widely used by most of the companies and organizations to reach hundred and thousands of people at a time with the help of Email Automation tools or software.

For Email automation and email campaign services you should try Meet Alfred Email Campaign Sequences with the help of which you can easily connect your Gmail or GSuite accounts, trigger an email cadence after automated actions on LinkedIn, use email signature templates and much more.

Email can provide a bit more facilities than LinkedIn outreach as it can be highly customized and personalized. You have an option to add files of various formats with the help of attach option.

Email has also advanced itself a lot with time. With the help of some advanced email automation tool you can check and track the replies and the open rates of your email.


Disadvantages of Email Outreach:

So, now let’s know some of the disadvantages of Email Outreach.

Still it’s one of the major problems of email outreach that you have very little information about the person or individual behind every email outreach.

This problem is one of the biggest reasons behind the increment of spam through email outreach. Even a simple and genuine user has more than 50 spam emails collected in their spam folder. This is one of the reasons why most of the cold email outreach is straightaway deleted without being opened by the prospect.

Not all the automation tools are great. Some of them can retard your sales acceleration because of their unusual behavior which is detected by defenders and treated as spam. So you should always explore and cross check every email automation tool before using it.

So these were the differences between Email outreach and LinkedIn outreach with their advantages and disadvantages. Both have advanced with time and with the help of various automation tools and are widely used at their required places.

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