Sales Navigator: Why Is Becoming So Important?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
January 25, 2021
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Why sales navigator Is Becoming So Important?

The premium version of LinkedIn is called LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It allows you to find new prospects very easily with this. Whenever we talk about LinkedIn Sales Navigator, everybody has only one question on their mind: is it worth the hype?

There is a possibility you came here because you are planning to buy it. If the answer is yes, you hit the bull’s eye by coming here.

So, should you spend this much on it?

The answer is YES but only if you know how to use it.

And if you don’t know how to use it, don’t skip this article.

Sales Navigator: When and when to buy it?

Advanced Search [very useful feature] is not the only feature to buy Sales Navigator. There are so many other reasons too.

Let’s start with a simple question-

Do you know LinkedIn restricts your searches with the normal version?

This is what LinkedIn says about people’s monthly to usage:

This is calculated according to your activity on LinkedIn. You use LinkedIn for recruiting or creating leads.  According to LinkedIn recruiter or creating leads include:

·         If you use the site or the app to search for LinkedIn profiles by using keywords or filters.

·         If you click on LinkedIn profiles from the ‘People Also Viewed’ section which is on the right side bar.

When you are about to reach your monthly limit of free people search, a warning  appears on your screen. LinkedIn doesn’t even reveal how many searches you are left with. On the 1st of each calendar month, your free monthly limit resets.

LinkedIn behaves so in such a manner because it wants to know if you are actively using it to generate leads .(so they poke you to purchase Sales Navigator) or you are just spamming people.

Besides unlimited searches, Sales Navigator also includes some amazing advanced features. Using these can take your lead generation to another level.

  • You can search for your targeted audience with advanced filters.
  • Sales leads can be recommended, updates can be tracked, and connecting with specific people.
  • Advanced filtering which is not available anywhere else on LinkedIn.
  • You can get alerts for job change and much more.

Start With LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Before you start with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you have to become a pro at using LinkedIn sales generation. What I really mean is that you should have done a PhD in your targeted audience. Lead generation becomes very easy after that.

There are so many different ways and filters to search your target audience with Sales Navigator. The tricks are to use different combinations and find out which one suits you the best. The first thing you need to do is set your sales preferences. Sales preferences are the standards you use so that Sales Navigator knows what types of leads you want. LinkedIn will then give you lead generation results according to your interests.

To do this, click on Edits and then on Edit your sales preferences. Fill in the Sales Preferences section based on target audience. Your preferences can be narrowed down here. Start prospecting like a pro after filling this.

Best Lead Generation Features Of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

1.   Advances search

This is the most amazing and famous feature of premium LinkedIn. It is here where you will be doing most of your prospecting. You can apply more than 20 advanced features.

Best filters:

·         Keywords

·         Geography

·         Title

·         Company size

2.   LinkedIn InMails

This is one of many advantages Sales Navigator gets. It is LinkedIn’s personal email or direct message. This is very effective as people receive few InMails everyday compared to emails.

3.   Job filter alerts

Leads who recently switched their jobs can be filtered on Sales Navigator.

4.   LinkedIn groups

You can use the advanced filter to find people in groups with Sales Navigator. On regular LinkedIn, search is done with regular keywords.

5.   View similar

This will level up your lead prospecting and give you a new list of relevant leads.

Go to the search bar in Sales Navigator

-> search your target audience
-> select any lead from the search results
-> click on view similar.

6.   Posted on LinkedIn filter

With this filter, you can search for content posted by your target clients. Now you know the areas of their interest and frame your message accordingly.

7.   Tag your prospects

It saves your time and is very easy to use. Sales Navigator allows you to add tags and leave notes for each lead in your feed.

8.   Boolean Searches

It lets you combine keywords with operators like AND, NOT and OR when you are searching.

9.   Save searches to save time

If you are a search freak, searching the same keywords for different campaigns is a huge task. With Sales Navigator, you can save these and come to them later when you need.

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