How to use a sales navigator to generate quality leads

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
September 20, 2021
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Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most high-quality products that LinkedIn has to offer. It is a common selling strategy that empowers the emphasis on enabling you to find possibilities and create long-lasting relationships.

The main enhanced significance of Sales Navigator is its refined search machine for LinkedIn that is much more influential and detailed than the “normal" search machines, with more characteristics to find your probable consumers. Sales Navigator also furnishes data inside that anybody can use to give rise to a wider conception of your leads. With Sales Navigator, you can employ your possibilities at a more subjective degree by giving customized content and information established on their LinkedIn activities.

The secret to Generate more Leads by Implementing Sales Navigator:

  • Save Reps with the help of Sales Navigator:

Sales Navigator enables reps to protect personal contacts or institutions that may be in their channel. These leads will then be shown in their Sales Navigator information spread – which has some more buzzers than the normal LinkedIn feed. Reps can screen their feed revisions by main leads or summaries, or by the latest current updates. You can stay up to date on any basic changes that take place in your lead’s organization or position. For example, if someone is promoted or when any company posts any announcements.

  • Use Superior Search filters based on personal or organizational parameters.

 You should rearrange your searches based on geographic location, firm and company size, etc. you can also set the size of each option by straining company revenue. After that search for names of accounts with 2nd-degree connection and a good introduction. This will help you to sort down a list of targeted companies. Now your second duty is to run the list on Lead Builder to distinguish decision-making. You must filter for direct sales and business development.

  • Use a targeted LinkedIn Profile to identify the best introduction opportunities

You can use the in common panel available to effectively find links with common interests on LinkedIn. The sections like Following, Groups and Volunteer Experience & Causes must be paid more attention to for perfect results. The endorsements in the Skills & Expertise section carry more preferences to seek the attention of others. You can use this step to create a good relationship with others on LinkedIn.

  • Proper usage of Lead Recommendations

You must use the lead recommendations in the right manner to automatically receive leads based on pre-sets and previously saved leads. For this purpose, you can depend on pre-vetted leads or look for common decision-makers and influencers working for recommended companies. You must connect your social accounts like email for the automatic flow of new leads in your inbox. One must target decision-makers and influencers that are in accounts. The sales Navigator will indicate it automatically to help you identify potential new leads. Finally, verify the lead’s profile by entering it and save them in Contacts for later follow-up.


Social selling engagement depends on data and conviction, which works combinedly to make a business successful. The data you gather builds trust, so it must be valid and trustworthy so that it can be buyer-focused and yields a good profit for the company. Proper timing can build this trust and create a huge impact. If you can insert properly edited content while it is in demand, the success rate of potential sales is deemed to be doubled than normal situations.

Sales Navigator plays an important role in creating an alert for you when your key accounts have a triggered event. Those who will be able to utilize these triggers effectively they can easily track the demands in their leads personal and professional life that will eventually help in achieving sales.

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