Pros and Cons of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
February 27, 2021
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Do you use LinkedIn?? Are you employing it to drive leads??

With the help of LinkedIn Automation, you can reach out to customer wherever they are. One can expand their organization's updates to get connected with the consumers on different social media platforms. It helps to generate awareness and leads, and is among the world's most popular professional news feeds.

Benefits of Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator helps to reach out to the right consumers and also helps the corporations with search knowledge that provides vastly related possibilities. You can very easily discover the right prospects for your business and you can send the personalized messages according to their needs and requirements in the business.

Pros of Linkedin Sales Navigator

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn premium gives you numerous benefits. By implementing LinkedIn Sales Navigator, in your business, you can access the user’s LinkedIn profile from contact, account or opportunity pages in the CRM.
  1. You can mail LinkedIn emails, actions, and messages back into relevant elements in CRM (manually). 
  1. With the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, one can get access to a  new feature to learn about the connections and tag them in CRM as a “Navigator Lead”.
  1. You can browse for and develop Navigator Leads on LinkedIn.  With this, anybody can also help improve the LinkedIn dashboards yielding further potential leads that consumers may want to reach through the platform.
  1.  PointDrive enables sharing of information and demonstrations with no exact restriction about storage. With the help of  PointDrive tracks, you can also track the total number of interests, the total number of clicks, downloads, interests etc. of each article is shared with the original pages they have looked at. But the main problem is this is not integrated into CRM at this time.

With the help of Point Drive, you will now be able to convey more customized quantities and prompt a reasonable arrangement between the consumer and organizations.

You can also share your articulations and documents with unconditional storage. You can access it as a person or on behalf of your team.  With this one can also track the number of accesses, clicks, downloads, shares, etc.

  1. You will be provided with a lot of LinkedIn portals that have nice features that can introduce you to prospects directly. This is very useful when you want to get connected with a lot of members within the organisation itself.  That way you can keep an eye on who in your organization has probable connections with the prospect. And this way after getting the right prospects you can generate more sales.
  1.  With the help of LinkedIn outreach messages via In Mails you are allowed to instantly catch up with anyone on LinkedIn no matter the level of connections or reference information.

You can also search for your In Mails and get the stats of them being opened by your recipient within 30 days.

  1. There is a characteristic in LinkedIn sales navigator which delivers you with some stats and metrics of any statement or article shared with the help of Smart Link.
  1. Accessing and organizing the sales when you are remote is cool and can increase your efficiency of generating more leads and that’s what can be facilitated by the Alerts. There are various kinds of alerts provided by the LinkedIn Sales Navigator such as saved search alerts, sales navigator recommendations and updates, who viewed my profile updates, smart links notifications and many others with the help of which you need not be active on the sales navigator the whole day.

Cons of LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

  1. High Cost: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a high-cost software. It provides features that are useful if you are in a new market and have just started your business then it may not be a very appropriate choice. If you are an established consumer and have been in the market for a long time then this is the perfect tool. The pricing is however a bit more compared to some other tools and that’s the reason why most beginners do not use it.
  1.  Time Consuming: Sometimes the consumers have to put up with a long time to get their search results, filter and get future leads converting them into outbound email campaigns.
  1. Complicated: Those who have recently joined LinkedIn Sales Navigator for driving more leads have a lot of confusion on how to use it. So there are consumers who get confused due to the interface.

If you also want to comprehend and power LinkedIn Sales Navigator to enhance and improve your sales prospecting then you should go for the Meet Alfred Sales Navigator Coaching. Call by the help of which you can easily learn to use this influential tool to develop more high-quality leads and maximize the profit.

With Alfred, you will get superior advice on the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and how it can provide you and your sales team to investigate and find additional targeted leads to sell you products or services

  1.  The clicks and access from PointDrive do feedback back into CRM. You can see that if from CRM but due to it being not in the database for reporting or driving additional marketing campaigns
  1. They will use it for personal credentials, like the absence of an "enterprise" view of all contacts via LinkedIn to this company or individual.
  1.  There is no trial option available where one can use the two products together.

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