Pros and Cons of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Pros and Cons of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has changed the landscape of LinkedIn marketing. It is one of the most popular sales tools designed to enhance the overall development of the company or business or organization all around the world. The Sales Navigator is widely used by LinkedIn marketers for generating more sales.

Collecting, analyzing, processing and filtering data for finding the right prospect from the most popular social media platform of professionals and business have become easy with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is popular for various features such as lead and company research, lists customization and filtering, tags, notes, lead saving, etc.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is really popular and useful but as we know every coin has two faces and that’s the reason why there are some downs of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator which are still unknown to a wide range of professionals. So let’s start the Pros and Cons of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Pros of LinkedIn Sales Navigator:


1) LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn premium gives you various advantages over other users. With the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can access the user’s LinkedIn profile from contact or account pages in the CRM.

2) With the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can easily post LinkedIn, activities, emails and notes back into the CRM with the relevant entities.

3) LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you a feature to access a contact and tag them in CRM as a “Navigator Lead”.

4) With the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can easily search and create Navigator leads in LinkedIn. This also helps in optimizing LinkedIn dashboards generating more potential contacts a user may want to approach through the platform.

5) Point Drive is a new functionality available inside the sales navigator that offers a decent and more professional way to deliver more personalized content and initiate a better engagement between the buyer and sellers.

It allows you to share your presentations and documents with unlimited storage. You have an option to access it either as an individual or as a team. Further it will also help in tracking the number of accesses, clicks, downloads, shares, etc.

6)You have an option to customize and save your searches which is extremely important for prospecting purposes. Saving your searches with the help of filtering such as title, year of experience, positions, company size matter alot in finding the right prospect and generating more sales.

7) LinkedIn outreach messages via InMail are one of the most useful features of LinkedIn sales navigator and LinkedIn premium. In Mails allows you to directly contact anyone on LinkedIn no matter the level of connections or contact information.

Not only this, you can also track your In Mails and get the stats of them being opened by your recipient within 30 days.


8) There is a feature in LinkedIn sales navigator which provides you some stats and metrics of any file or document shared with it’s link, and that’s Smart Link.

Getting useful insight of the document or the file shared with the link can help you a lot in understanding the market analytics. Some of the useful insights are as follows -


Time spent by the prospect in viewing the content.
Date and Time of the prospect when opening the content for the first time.
Confirmation of accessing and opening the delivered content.
Signed in or not signed in information.


9) Accessing and managing the sales when you are remote is cool and can increase your efficiency of generating more leads and that’s what can be facilitated by the Alerts. There are various kinds of alerts provided by the LinkedIn Sales Navigator such as saved search alerts, sales navigator guidance and updates, who viewed my profile updates, smart links notifications and many others by the help of which you need not to be active on the sales navigator the whole day.


Cons of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator:


1) LinkedIn sales Navigator may not be a budget friendly sales tool or software. It provides really good features and service useful for every LinkedIn marketer but it does not provide all that stuff at low cost. The pricing is still high and that’s the reason why most of the beginners think twice before buying it.

2) Sometimes the problem of time management starts with the sales navigator as it takes time to search, filter and get prospects converting them into outbound email campaigns.

From capturing the names from the list to implementing all information into the spreadsheet or CRM to start outreaching takes time especially for beginners.  

3) Most of the beginners who have recently started using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for generating more leads and accelerating their sales have a lot of confusion related to using it. Sometimes they get confused because of the interface while others want to explore various ways to make more profit by using it.

If you also want to master and leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator to improve and boost your sales prospecting game then you should definitely try and go for the Meet Alfred Sales Navigator Coaching Call by the help of which you can easily learn to use this powerful tool to generate more high quality leads and maximize your profit.

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So these were the pros and cons of the most popular LinkedIn sales prospecting tools: the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. We know that this tool or software has more pros in comparison to cons and that’s the reason why it is popular and most widely used by every LinkedIn marketer all around the world. The enterprise edition is the LinkedIn sales navigator is most costly and is only needed by the large sales team whose requirements are high and cannot be fulfilled by the team plan of the tool. Hope you find the pros and cons of LinkedIn Sales Navigator interesting.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is no doubt a popular and most widely used LinkedIn sales tool providing various useful features for the overall sales acceleration process. Yet it has some of its downsides which are discussed in this post of pros and cons of LinkedIn sales navigator.