5 Popular Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

 Popular Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most popular LinkedIn Sales solutions offered in the premium version of LinkedIn. It is widely used by various LinkedIn marketers all around the world.

With the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can easily collect, analyze and process data from the most popular social media platform of professionals and business. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool or software is a sales management and development tool designed to increase the sales and enhance the overall development of the company or business or organization.

It has various features and functions to provide the filtered results such as lead and company research, lists customization and filtering, tags, notes, leads saving, etc. But today we will be discussing 5 of the best and popular features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator which is the reason behind it’s popularity and demand.

Peoples and professionals who are using the LinkedIn premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator usually have a golden LinkedIn symbol after their name on the profile page. So let’s start the countdown and listing of the 5 popular features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator -


1). Advanced Search

Advanced search is believed to be the major feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is the most powerful and impressive feature of all. Most of the LinkedIn marketers spend their time using this only feature only.

There are more than 20 advanced search filters options with the help of which you can optimize your search with the keywords, company and title performing a boolean search. Some of the popular and widely used filters for lead generation include keywords, title, geography, and company size. The tool will automatically filter and provide you thousands of results in a couple of seconds.

Further you can narrow down your results by using various combinations according to your requirement. After filtering down and getting the final list of your prospect you can start connecting with them directly from LinkedIn InMails. You can also collect their information along with email ID for any of your email marketing campaigns.

Here while reaching out to your prospect you can use the popular trick of personalization. Personalization ensures that you are giving a special attention to the area of interest of your prospects and connection.


2). InMails

LinkedIn InMails are the second most popular use of LinkedIn premium or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is also known as the LinkedIn version of email or direct message by the help of which you can easily message to any user on the platform.

LinkedIn InMails are one of the most effective ways of connecting to your leads with the help of cold or outreach messages. But make sure you have reviewed and explored your prospect’s profile and add a little touch of personalization.

Using LinkedIn InMails in a proper way can give you decent results and maximum profit. Still for beginners who are new to LinkedIn outreach messages and facing problems with the approach, we recommend you to check this out -> Best Approach and Strategies for LinkedIn Outreach Messages.

3). Job change alerts

With the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can easily filter out leads who have recently changed their jobs due to any reason. You can use this job change of the person to start your conversation initially.

You can congratulate them for updating their position or the job place. Then you can tell that you are interested in the work they are doing now and want to know more about it. This is one of the simplest ways to start a conversation with a valid reason.

Most of the professionals are very active at the time of their job change and want to share each and every update on the platform with their connections and known one’s. So this can be the correct time for approaching them, further converting them into your leads with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


4). People in the LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides you access to find and connect peoples and professionals in groups. You can use this feature with the help of advanced filters to find relevant professionals in any of the groups which you do not get in the regular LinkedIn.

With the help of regular or normal LinkedIn you can only search and join relevant groups available on the platform after joining them you can send connection requests to them. Seems a long process? Oh Yes, it is and that’s the reason why this feature of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator has its own advantage in saving time and increasing efficiency.


5). Posted on LinkedIn

Every LinkedIn marketer wants to explore and find the content posted by the potential clients or buyers. That’s what you can easily get with the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With the help of it you can easily find and explore the content posted by your potential clients or buyers on the biggest platform of professionals that’s “LinkedIn”.

You will have to use the post content keywords filter and this search filter will help you to find and explore a group of people who have posted content or are involved in posting contents relevant to your requirement.

After that you can connect with them with the help of a personalized cold outreach template and start communication with them. So in this way the posts on LinkedIn search features of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator can help you ingenerating more leads and profit.

These were the 5 popular features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator which are very popular and useful for every marketer. Still, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has far more potential and features in it with the help of which every top LinkedIn marketer maintains his performance and stays ahead of their competitors.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator which comes with LinkedIn premium knows the games of LinkedIn marketing very well. That’s the reason why it is widely used by various marketers to generate more high quality leads and perform their best. Hope these 5 popular features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator find you useful.