How to drive more B2B Leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator
July 4, 2021
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B2B Leads with Linkedin Sales Navigator

LinkedIn is the top social network for Business-to-Business experts in the world and, arguably, the most beneficial way for Business-to-Business marketers to share and promote content. LinkedIn today has over half a billion members, with above 60 million senior-level influencers. There is no doubt that your next consumer is on LinkedIn. it's just a concern of how you find them, join with them, and give enough knowledge that they understand the value of your product or service.

Meet Alfred has many works that are not present in other tools or software. It has Next-generation features. Various features of Meet Alfred include Email Marketing, Twitter automation, LinkedIn Automation, Advance LinkedIn CRM, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, etc.

By Using Meet Alfred Features you can easily get insights into your customer as well as, 

In enhancement, Meet Alfred can be used to increase matches and choices from your Linkedin contacts. Using Alfred’s CRM functionality you will create and manage multiple LinkedIn operations for your LinkedIn readers base to stay affixed and connected with your company or brand. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

helps sales experts target the appropriate personalities and businesses by zeroing in on the correct candidates and decision-makers. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sales experts can get sales insights for more productive selling, stay notified and updated on your accounts and contacts, and help to switch cold calling into a warm discussion.  

From Sales Navigator, you can simply keep a record of contacts and existing relationships, stay updated on contacts and records, and employ the platform to prospect.

Also, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides benefits like:

1. CRM combinations:

Sales Navigator combines with platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, Drift, and also to streamline businesses pipeline administration and improve productivity.

2. Automated lead production:

The Lead Suggestions feature recommends suitable candidates based on your lead choices. It enables you to contact warm leads that are more likely to engage with your business.

3. Advanced Company search:

Sales Navigator enables you to find suitable contacts with targeted search filters that can obtain leads based on things like keywords, place, years of experience, group, and more (we’ll get to that later!) 

4. InMail and quick connections:

Connect with anyone on LinkedIn—regardless of whether they are in your tracks or not—with personalized messages and include links to downloadable sources and documents with smart links.

5. Genuine B2B sales insights:

Sales Navigator has you renewed with any modifications about people in your interface such as job status updates, company updates, and more. It enables you to stay at peak of lead production with a consistent knowledge of where your viewers.

Now let’s see some tips to drive more Leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

1. Keep candidates arranged with tags and notes

Likely, LinkedIn is not your only source for Business-to-Business sales leads, and most maximum leads want you to interact or share information.

You have got enough to handle, which is why Sales Navigator offers a tag and note system that makes it simple to identify decision-makers, influencers, and each other personalities included in the Business-to-Business sales process. Maintain tabs on all your prospects to handle important accounts and contacts.

2. Contact them via InMail

Possibly the various important moment in the business-to-business relationship is the interaction between the sales representative and the lead. This is your first point of contact, so make sure you do it well.

InMail (LinkedIn’s email) is a great way for representatives to reach and contact leads with personalized messages. Before contacting, it’s essential to memorize that consumers reply much better to the personalized conversation. So go through the lead’s profile firstly.

3. Create data-driven judgments with Sales Insights

LinkedIn Sales Insights is a component of its sales solution and creates a great data foundation for sales units to base their judgments or decisions on. Sales Insights provides in-depth insight into departments, functions, and accounts to allow units to build up a sales strategy that aligns with wider business goals. 

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