How to Get Leads on LinkedIn

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Learning how to get leads on LinkedIn is one of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks. As it involves not only getting the right LinkedIn lead generation strategy but also learning each tool and function, you need to really invest time and effort to make it work properly.

As competition for generating leads on LinkedIn gets tougher, there are automation tools that you can use to corner your market and go the extra mile. Alfred is one of the world’s leading LinkedIn automation software. With Alfred, you can multiply your replies by up to 10x your average through prospecting across multiple channels, stay in touch with the leads that are interested in your business, and export your LinkedIn contact data in a CSV file.

With all these benefits and more, it’s no wonder why the best companies in the world use Alfred to bolster their LinkedIn performance and fully understand how to get leads on LinkedIn.

Can you generate leads on LinkedIn for free?

Although generating leads on LinkedIn is a multifaceted approach where you may need to take care of multiple things, here are some ways you can generate leads on LinkedIn for free.

Join LinkedIn groups

Perhaps one of the best places to generate leads on LinkedIn for free is from groups. There are various groups present on the platform with people having similar interests, skills, and needs.

These groups help you in two ways:

  • In a B2B environment, LinkedIn groups serve as a source to find out what the customers want, based on all the latest happenings in the industry.
  • LinkedIn groups can present a list of possible clients. The more people there are, the better. Connecting with other people will help you find someone who will buy your product, or someone who knows someone who will.

Do content marketing

You can start fueling up your LinkedIn lead generation strategy by sharing your own articles, or it can be others’ as well. Essentially, your articles should propose a solution for certain problems. In your part, you can find out what the normal problems people face, do your research, then write high-quality posts about them to gain more prospects for free.

Engage with new connections    

Getting new connections is only one part of the equation. Keeping in touch with them is equally important. Make sure you communicate regularly with them. You may even be able to schedule an official appointment to pitch your product to them once you’ve built a good relationship!

If you’d like to maximise what LinkedIn can do for you at a reasonable price, getting an automation partner like Alfred will take your business to great heights. You can start using the most reliable and efficient sales techniques to leverage your LinkedIn connections right now with our LinkedIn automation tool!

What are some tips to convert leads on LinkedIn?

Learning how to get leads on LinkedIn can be quite easy, but converting leads into sales is a challenging task. If you’d like to know how to approach leads on LinkedIn and convert them into customers, here are some tips that you can apply to your LinkedIn strategies:

Nurture your leads

Once prospects are in your sales pipeline, it’s important to keep them engaged and interested in your business. You can do this by publishing content that generates leads from LinkedIn and guides them towards a decision. Relatable content such as how-to content, tutorials, and guides can effectively engage your LinkedIn sales leads as it demonstrates how your services or products can help them.

Use live virtual events to attract and speak with prospects in real time

Pre-written content can be extremely valuable to potential customers, but it is far from the only way to generate leads on LinkedIn. One of the many LinkedIn lead generation tactics that you can do is to share solutions, answer questions, and create value in real time when you host virtual events.

Use effective communication media

Lead generation through LinkedIn can be done by investigating the media through which your prospects interact with your brand, but using those media to communicate with them is what converts them into customers. Therefore, use LinkedIn media such as LinkedIn InMail campaigns to corner your market.

Use automated lead generation tools

To be able to increase your bottom line, you must have the best sales and marketing strategies in place to generate leads, qualify them, and guide them through your sales process to convert them into paying customers or clients.

LinkedIn sales leads can be won over if you have the best LinkedIn marketing strategy and LinkedIn lead generation tool in place. Having a LinkedIn automation tool or software like Alfred can effectively help you learn how to get leads on LinkedIn and convert them into customers in a myriad of ways.

Alfred can be your partner in success as your LinkedIn marketing automation tool to help you with tasks like searching for leads, building lists, messaging, and sending InMail.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn lead generation tools?

Here are some of the benefits that you can get when you capitalise on LinkedIn lead generation tools:

Generate awareness

Lead generation tools, as part of a LinkedIn lead generation strategy, are your silent salesmen that educate and inform your audience about your products or services, which helps generate awareness about you and your brand.  

Target desired customers

If you’re still learning the ropes of how to get leads on LinkedIn, lead generation tools allow you to be more intentional about who you’re targeting and who’s getting your message. You can target your desired customer via a number of channels and by different demographics to establish your credibility and engage with the right audience.

Automate lead management

There are now LinkedIn tools you can use to automate your LinkedIn lead generation strategy and generate leads from LinkedIn, including email marketing software, CRMs, customer data platforms, and sending platforms. By applying those tools to your LinkedIn strategies, you can simplify and hasten your pipeline.

Alfred is a LinkedIn automation software that helps thousands of businesses across the globe learn how to get leads on LinkedIn. It takes care of everything for you, including seamlessly integrating with LinkedIn Sales Navigator by allowing you to schedule posts, manage content, and communicate across multiple channels to ensure visibility.

Speak to one of our LinkedIn automation experts to discover how Meet Alfred can help you how to get leads on LinkedIn and transform your LinkedIn profile and business into well-oiled machines.

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