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Lead generation on LinkedIn should be a central focus for B2B organisations who want to drive more consistent and reliable revenue streams. Because marketplaces have become more crowded with high levels of competition, generating leads has become a major challenge for many B2B companies nowadays. With that, companies that consistently generate leads hold a clear competitive advantage compared to other organisations. LinkedIn, being a top digital platform for hiring, recruiting, and doing business with companies across different industries, is no doubt one of the best places to generate leads. As a company, you will be missing out if you don’t use LinkedIn for lead generation efficiently.

Meet Alfred – a LinkedIn lead generation tool that addresses your ‘how to get leads on LinkedIn’ queries through smart proprietary technology. We can deploy a multitude of LinkedIn lead generation tactics that suit your needs and goals. With Alfred to automate LinkedIn messages as well as other LinkedIn lead generation tools – such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms – you can stay focused on growing your business while making sure you maximise your full potential for lead generation on LinkedIn.

But before you dive into LinkedIn lead generation advertising, it pays to know important information such as what is LinkedIn lead generation, how to get leads on LinkedIn, how to use LinkedIn for lead generation, and how much it costs to generate leads on LinkedIn, as well as the top tools used for a LinkedIn lead generation campaign. Read on to find out.

How does LinkedIn lead generation work?

LinkedIn offers a suite of useful tools that you can leverage to maximise the potential of the platform to generate leads and increase conversion rates for you. Lead generation on LinkedIn works through strategies such as the following:

LinkedIn Business Page

Create a powerful LinkedIn page for your brand and ensure that you keep it active by posting thought-provoking content and contributing to conversations on LinkedIn that are already happening on the platform. Alfred can provide you with a suite of helpful features designed to enhance the visibility of your company’s profile to expand your outreach on the platform as well.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

A LinkedIn lead generation form makes sending forms – such as for recruitment or business negotiation purposes – between users and marketers more convenient as it pre-populates the fields with their profile data to cut the effort needed to fill them out. Alfred has helped companies across different industries automate up to ten hours’ worth of tasks on LinkedIn, saving them valuable time and energy for things that matter.

LinkedIn Inmail Campaigns

InMailing lets businesses send messages to users on the platform that they are not necessarily connected with so they don’t need to send connection requests and wait for approval before they can engage with the user. Alfred doesn’t mass-message your leads; we personalise the content they receive to prompt a warm conversation and provide you more time to pitch your product or service. You can also customise your InMail content using our library of LinkedIn message templates.

How much does a LinkedIn lead generation campaign cost?

Costs associated with lead generation are among the top expenses that companies pay for regardless of what industry they are in. It’s important to set a budget before you get into lead generation on LinkedIn to ensure that you can achieve your lead generation goals while still allowing for positive cash flow in your business. The cost of lead generation on LinkedIn depends on the type of strategy you deploy on the platform. One pricing mechanism that LinkedIn follows is the CPC or cost per click where you will only pay when users click on your ad – CPCs, on average, range from $2 to $15. CPM or cost per impression is another LinkedIn pricing mechanism where you will pay for every 1,000 impressions on your ad, which is ideal for brand awareness goals. CPM could range anywhere from $30 to over $200. You should also take into consideration other possible costs you will incur when using LinkedIn for lead generation such as the monthly fees of a premium account where you can utilise special tools like InMails and Sales Navigator.

Meet Alfred offers monthly and annual comprehensive plans that suit your unique business needs and goals for lead generation. We offer three plans – Personal Plan for single users, Business Plan for Sales Navigator users, and Enterprise Plan for large sales teams and agencies – and each has different features and prices. You can check out our pricing page for details or reach our team for queries.

What are some effective LinkedIn lead generation tools?

You already know how B2B lead generation on LinkedIn works, but if you’re interested in what other tools on LinkedIn are best used for generating leads, here they are:

Free LinkedIn page

You can build awareness for your brand, attract new prospects, and engage your target audience with a business page dedicated to your brand. The good thing is that it’s free to create a business LinkedIn page and post content on the platform.

LinkedIn Ads

You can reach your target audience faster and more effectively with LinkedIn Ads to promote your business. You can sponsor content to appear on the LinkedIn feed, send personalised targeted messages through sponsored InMail, or display simple text ads on the LinkedIn platform for PPC or CPM strategies.

Campaign Manager

This tool streamlines all your marketing efforts as it provides you with a platform where you can create, measure, and optimise your lead generation campaigns in one place. It makes managing your campaigns more time- and cost-efficient.

Meet Alfred offers a 14-day risk-free trial where you can experience how we can help your business maximise lead generation on LinkedIn for free. You won’t have to pay anything for 14 days, and you can also cancel at any time. You may even get four months free when you avail of our annual plans.

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