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With LinkedIn, having meaningful connections doesn’t have to be extravagant or costly as long as you have a strong LinkedIn network. With more than 800 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has changed the way professionals network. The platform implements a 21st-century way of networking as it allows its users to connect with other like-minded professionals in just a few clicks. However, the great reason why LinkedIn is such an awesome place for networking is that it gives its users the power to connect with the most powerful people in the world without having to meet them in person.

Are you excited to start leveraging your LinkedIn strategies? Let’s make that happen with Meet Alfred. We can deliver great results using our solutions that are designed to remove glitches and make every process effective and seamless.

How can LinkedIn be used for networking?

Whether you are a business professional or an entrepreneur, the best strategy to connect with your clients and expand your reach is to build a robust LinkedIn network. Establishing a professional network like a LinkedIn network can help you unlock new business and professional opportunities. However, you need to make sure that you do it strategically. Instead of adding anyone and everyone, choosing the people who will become part of your network will increase your chances of effectively growing your engagements, amplifying your brand, and catching more potential leads.

This will not become possible without the help of a LinkedIn tool, a bot for LinkedIn, or other LinkedIn automation or lead generation or prospecting tools like Alfred. With Alfred, you can easily and efficiently build and grow your network by automatically sending connection requests and LinkedIn InMail campaigns, among other things.

Another organic option is to actively and consistently share content that helps your network—highlighting examples of how you’ve worked with clients and even sharing your expert opinion by answering questions about your field of expertise, which most people love to read, are all considered good approaches.

What are the benefits of networking on LinkedIn?

Whether you are a student, a professional, or an entrepreneur, LinkedIn networking is one of the important tools to boost your professional career.

Here are some of the benefits of having a strong and active LinkedIn network:

  • Strengthens business connections
  • Advances your career
  • Raises your profile
  • Develops long-lasting personal relationships
  • Allows you to gain a different perspective
  • Provides you with hands-on marketing support

To start building your LinkedIn network right, seek help from our automation tool, Alfred. With this powerful tool, you can automatically add new connections to your network and keep track of all your interactions in one place so you can focus on building genuine relationships with the right people.

How to build a powerful network using LinkedIn?

After knowing the fundamental elements of a LinkedIn network, the next in line should be to build a powerful LinkedIn network. Here are our tips on how you can make that happen on LinkedIn:

Control how people can connect with you on LinkedIn

You can send anyone a connection request to build a LinkedIn network. However, you should take control of your connections to establish a good LinkedIn network.

First, if you want to grow the number of people who follow you, just set your LinkedIn profile to Follow first. This customization allows you to engage with your followers without necessarily adding those people to your network connections. To enjoy that LinkedIn feature, go to your LinkedIn account settings. Click the privacy tab then scroll down to the Blocking and Hiding section, and click the Make Follow Primary option button. It’s also a smart and savvy way to prevent going beyond your LinkedIn invite limit.

Another option to filter the people on your LinkedIn network is to allow only the people on LinkedIn with your email address to send you connection requests. To do this, just click on your profile photo and choose Settings & Privacy from the drop-down menu. Then, on the communications tab, change your settings as appropriate.

Identify people to connect with

To find specific people when establishing your LinkedIn network, use the search bar at the top of the page. From there, you can search for the kind of target audience you’d like to engage with based on names, jobs, content, companies, schools, or groups. To further grow your network on LinkedIn, adhere to the following tips below:

  • Add people via LinkedIn’s Find Nearby feature
  • Add people via LinkedIn’s suggested connections
  • Add people via LinkedIn’s suggested introductions

Send a personalized LinkedIn connection request

To place yourself as someone who really values the importance of building relationships on LinkedIn, sending personalized messages is key. Start a one-on-one conversation with them by attaching a personal note before sending your connection request.

However, if you’d like to stand out and make your LinkedIn connection messages highly noticeable, maybe it’s time to personalize your InMail messages using LinkedIn InMail templates.

Engage with your LinkedIn network connections

Start with leaving comments about a very engaging post or something that is relevant to your industry. By leaving a thoughtful or engaging comment, it raises your visibility across the LinkedIn platform. Remember to also choose the type of content you want to engage with as it speaks volumes about you, your brand, and the kind of people you’d like to attract and work with.

To place your network-building strategies in full swing, Meet Alfred is the best partner to have. With our fully automated outreach campaigns, customizable template library with over 600 designs to choose from, and ability to manage multiple accounts, establishing a LinkedIn network and profile that make sales is just one click away. Give us a call today or book a demo to know how we make the magic happen.

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