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LinkedIn is a powerful tool for many things – some use Linkedin for sales and others use LinkedIn for prospecting – but what many forget to take advantage of on the platform is LinkedIn research. Yes, one of the top LinkedIn strategies that you should be using for your business is using LinkedIn as a research tool. LinkedIn is a platform where professionals and businesses from different industries and of various interests meet so you can do valuable LinkedIn market research such as finding the latest trends in your industry, sourcing participants for a report or survey, and expanding your LinkedIn network by connecting with relevant people. To maximise the full potential of LinkedIn research services to benefit your business, however, you need an automated LinkedIn tool to help you get LinkedIn market insights or conduct LinkedIn research surveys more effectively.

Meet Alfred – the LinkedIn automation tool that can help you access the top LinkedIn research tools to help your business deploy better ad campaigns and finally address your ‘how to get leads on LinkedIn’ queries. Our smart technology automatically sequences your email campaigns, manages your connections, scrapes valuable customer data, and many more.

To get the most out of your LinkedIn research strategies, read on to find out more about the benefits of using the platform for research, how to use it effectively when researching, and how to conduct LinkedIn surveys.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn for research?

Businesses typically use LinkedIn to source candidates for a job position or promote brand awareness, but using Linkedin research can offer your business the following advantages:

Get LinkedIn industry insights

On LinkedIn, you can follow hashtags to narrow down the content that matches your interests such as getting public thoughts on a market trend, gathering information about a company or client, and staying up to date with the latest industry news.

Connect to relevant people via InMail

Through LinkedIn InMail, you can send messages to users that you haven’t connected with beforehand, saving you more time when prompting conversations. You can pitch a job opening, product, service, or business proposal to a user or company on LinkedIn.

Gain first-hand feedback

You can create your own poll on LinkedIn, which can run for up to two weeks, to ask your customers and others in your industry about your product or service directly. This is helpful in product development or when doing market analysis for your business.

Alfred automates multiple campaign sequences for your business so you can organise, manage, and access them more efficiently. Our technology can engage your prospects automatically with profile views, endorsements, connection requests, messages, InMails, and e-mails. It can also customise your approach according to the response of the audience and have the changes implemented as required.

How to use LinkedIn for research effectively?

Some of the top ways to engage in LinkedIn research include the following:

Creating a poll

On your homepage, click on ‘Start a Post’ and choose ‘Create a Poll’ from the list of options. Input your questions, your desired runtime for the poll, and other settings. Click on ‘Done’ to post the poll and gain direct feedback or insights from your customers or industry leaders.

Following hashtags

LinkedIn hashtags help you narrow down the information that you need for your research, and you can keep an eye on a certain market trend through them as well. Simply click on a blue hashtagged word or type a hashtag on the search bar.

Utilising the insights tab

Company research is very helpful for B2B businesses that wish to pitch an idea to a potential business partner or propose a service or product to a customer. Go to the LinkedIn page of the company you want to research and click on the ‘Insights’ tab to get an overview of their average turnover, median tenure, employee distribution, and other insights.

Alfred can help you keep track of everything you’ve discovered during your LinkedIn research by collating all data at a single control point. We can also conduct LinkedIn profile scraping for your business where you can get valuable information about prospects quickly while the Alfred CRM system compiles and organises them in a downloadable CSV file.

How to conduct LinkedIn surveys for research?

LinkedIn has millions of active users in various industries, making it the ideal sample group of professionals to conduct market surveys. You can share your LinkedIn surveys in discussion groups or on your company page, or you can send them via InMail. To create a survey, click on ‘Start a Post’ and then ‘Create a Poll’. Fill in the fields with your questions and set the poll duration. By the end of your survey period, you should have the insights organised in bar graphs or charts for easy data interpretation.

Let Alfred be your smart business partner – Alfred is a built-in Linkedin search tool that keeps all the data collected from your campaigns secure and confidential. It can automatically link up with other tools, making it easy to use, and it gives you the ability to manage multiple channels and pipelines on the platform with ease.

We offer a 14-day free trial with zero obligations. Alfred can be set up within minutes, and you can get results in 12–24 hours.

Schedule a meeting with one of our LinkedIn automation experts today or watch our demo to learn more about how Alfred can help with your LinkedIn research, LinkedIn outreach, and other LinkedIn business strategies!

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