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LinkedIn targeting doesn’t just expand your network; it helps you connect with the people who matter most to your business. When you use LinkedIn targeted ads, your campaigns reach the right audience faster, allowing you to boost productivity in lead generation and ensuring that your marketing funds are optimised. Because LinkedIn is not a mere social media platform, but a platform for professionals and businesses across different industries to connect, it’s not surprising why many organisations want to know how to target ads on LinkedIn. And if you’re not already exploring your LinkedIn audience targeting options, then it’s high time you Meet Alfred to get support with your LinkedIn targeting needs.

Alfred is an automated LinkedIn leads generator tool that lets you create a multi-channel sales pipeline and streamlines your campaign sequences through smart technology to facilitate LinkedIn targeting. Alfred can automate the tedious manual tasks of targeting your audience on the platform so your team can enjoy more flexibility and focus on what they do best for your business instead.

To get the most out of your LinkedIn targeting strategies, first, learn about the different LinkedIn targeting capabilities, what the LinkedIn audience targeting options are including tips on how to build a LinkedIn target audience, and many more.

What are some tips on how to build an audience on LinkedIn?

One of the best ways to reach your target market on LinkedIn is to grow your community organically. This ensures that your followers are of a quality, which means they are relevant to your business and can likely turn into actual customers. If you’re wondering what is LinkedIn target audience, it is the ideal audience you want to advertise your business to defined by demographics and their common interests. Here are some tips for growing your LinkedIn community:

Reach out through InMailing

LinkedIn InMail lets you send messages to users that you are not connected with beforehand. This can save you time as you can pitch your business purpose to them right away. Alfred can help you personalise your InMail content with customisable LinkedIn message templates that you can access via our library.

Complete your business page

Make sure to fill in all the information that your audience needs to know about your business. It will also help to utilise SEO techniques in your page content to lead LinkedIn users to your page when their searches match what you are looking for.

Keep your audience engaged

LinkedIn targeting doesn’t end at simply finding and reaching out to your ideal market; you should also engage with them continuously to build your relationship and improve your chances of making a sale. Alfred keeps your audience automatically engaged through profile views, endorsements, LinkedIn connection messages, messages, InMails, and e-mails.

What is a good target audience size for beginners on LinkedIn?

When selecting your LinkedIn targeting options for running ad campaigns on the platform, you will be able to see an estimated number of users who will be reached by your campaigns through the forecasted results window. According to LinkedIn, the minimum target audience size to run an ad campaign is 300, but they highly suggest at least 50,000 to drive significant results for your campaign. LinkedIn also recommends a target audience size of 300,000 for sponsored content and messaging while text ads are best run with audience sizes between 60,000 and 400,000.

Alfred can be a LinkedIn profile scraper for your business to extract useful information such as user email addresses, phone numbers, company names, and skills that can help you identify which users belong to your target audience. The information will be recorded, organised, and stored in a downloadable CSV file so you can stay in touch with your leads.

What are the two main LinkedIn targeting methods?

There are two main ways to conduct LinkedIn targeting – targeting through ‘public attributes’ and ‘matched audiences’. Targeting by public attributes lets you target your audience based on their professional characteristics including their position in the company, desired industries, and more. Meanwhile, ‘matched audiences’ lets you develop public websites creating remarketing lists based on your business website pages that the user has visited. You can also compile a list of organisations that you want to target or a list of contacts that you can market to directly.  

Alfred, as a bot for LinkedIn, enables your business to eliminate the hassles of manually managing your business network. Our built-in CRM system lets you manage, organise, categorise, and access your business contacts easily and arrange them using tags, notes, filters, and other tools. Our smart technology solution can also automate LinkedIn messages so you can keep your connections warm, allowing you to be a top-of-mind option for your target market the next time they need a product or service that you offer. We also make sure to keep your messaging campaigns within the LinkedIn messaging limits to prevent your account from getting flagged and suspended by LinkedIn. With Alfred to make sure that you maximise your targeting campaigns while adhering to LinkedIn’s guidelines, you’re sure to achieve optimal audience targeting for your business.

Get a 14-day free trial to experience how Alfred can help with your LinkedIn targeting and lead generation needs. You can cancel at any time so you’re sure to get a risk-free experience with Alfred. Watch our demo or speak with one of our LinkedIn automation experts today!

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