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Selling on LinkedIn is a modern way for businesses and companies to showcase their products to potential prospects and buyers. It offers a direct means of gathering information about your customers while you also engage in sales conversations with one another.

For most businesses, they might understand LinkedIn as a platform primarily for networking with like-minded individuals. However, with the introduction of social selling on LinkedIn, it has now become a competitive platform to sell services and products through making meaningful connections with customers.

Transitioning your sales on LinkedIn can be quite difficult and takes a lot of work and expertise. Selling on LinkedIn involves a lot of menial and time-consuming tasks, from sending your LinkedIn prospects messages in their inbox to managing your list of connections.

Make the most of your time and focus on the things that matter most to you with Alfred. With our LinkedIn automation tool, you can start using the most reliable and efficient sales techniques to leverage your LinkedIn connections today!

Our LinkedIn leads generator also provides you with the opportunity to find the right prospects through our built-in CRM functionality. Through this feature, all you have to do is search for the right people based on your preferences, whether you’re looking for influencers or industry professionals.

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What can I sell on LinkedIn?

Through the technique of social selling, there’s basically no limit to what you can start selling on LinkedIn as you’re essentially using your platform to find the right clients or customers. It’s more about becoming more and more visible and getting your name out there in the industry. Through brand recognition, you can passively create more sales and get yourself established as a business or company.

It’s worth noting that the majority of companies that use LinkedIn for sales tend to use the platform to promote their business-to-business (B2B) solutions that target a particular problem in the workplace. However, there are also businesses that sell just about anything from office products to skincare!

So when it comes to the best products to sell on LinkedIn, selling on the platform is not just about closing a deal, but is actually a long-winded process that involves building relationships and your credibility as a company. It’s about cultivating a following, researching to generate connections, engaging in sales conversations, and assembling their networks.

You can also opt to use the various insights you gain from your campaigns on the platform through the built-in selling on LinkedIn program such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator (LSN). Through sponsored posts, you can actively engage and influence contacts to generate sales.

Alfred, our LinkedIn automation, is a handy tool that can help with selling on LinkedIn. Our cloud-based program allows you to focus on other tasks as it handles everything, including integrating seamlessly with the LSN by allowing you to schedule posts, managing content, and communicating on multiple channels to ensure visibility.

What are the benefits of selling on LinkedIn?

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you choose to start selling on LinkedIn with the help of Alfred:

Makes your brand more visible. Whenever you schedule and share meaningful content with an optimised LinkedIn profile, your potential prospects and networks begin to click and engage. Often, these are people who are unfamiliar with the company or don’t even realise the value of the product they are missing.

Increases the quality and quantity of leads. The visibility of your brand grows along with the quality of your leads. By arming your sales team with content, you’ll be able to start educating your connections. In addition, people trust recommendations from their network over other forms of sales and marketing tactics (ads, corporate handles).

Helps you understand your industry. In a world where closing deals isn’t a one-way street, knowing what’s going on within your LinkedIn outreach can help you land more sales. You can monitor the latest industry news and trends, consumer pain concerns, and purchase obstacles on LinkedIn using the prospecting tools Alfred provides.

How to sell on LinkedIn?

As each company and business is unique and has its own marketing strategies and skills for selling on LinkedIn, there isn’t a definitive guide on how to sell on the platform. However, here are some helpful tips that can help you get started:

Share valuable content.

You should provide useful and compelling material that is relevant to your target consumer as part of your online presence. Your objective should be to provide material that addresses the primary difficulty or issue that your prospects are trying to solve. When your ideal customers or prospects come across information that is relevant to their situation, they are more likely to contact you.

Join LinkedIn groups that serve your target audience.

Joining LinkedIn groups allows you to broaden your potential reach and network by allowing members of the group to access your profile even if you don’t have any shared connections. Members may be filtered by job title, geographic area, and industry through Alfred’s CRM search function. Find groups where your ideal customers hang out and start becoming an active, involved member of such communities.

Personalise connection requests.

Alfred can particularly help you with this as it offers the functionality to automate LinkedIn messages. It’s crucial to include a customised message when sending connection requests to prospects or people you don’t know. By making a customised request through Alfred, you provide this person with the information they need to decide whether or not to add you to their network without any effort.

Learn more about Alfred by scheduling a demo or trying out our product firsthand and see for yourself how we can help with selling on LinkedIn through our 14-day free trial!

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