5 really cool ways to use Videos in Email Marketing

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August 15, 2021
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Email Marketing with Videos

With an unlimited demand for online videos, adapting the video email campaigns results in the most return on investments rather than using emails without any videos. Videos help to boost the open and click-through rates making them an essential addition to your email marketing campaigns.

Consumers now get more marketing and sales outreach campaigns from brands than ever before and thus your chances of reaching the perfect platform become even less.

According to the eMarketer, 55% of the email marketing videos identified increased clickthrough rates, 46% of users spent their time getting on through the video in email, and 43% of users shared and forwarded the video email. 

How to use videos in Email Marketing:

  1. Use of GIFs:  With the help of GIFs you can keep the audience engrossed in your videos. Using gifs in email marketing is very easy, you just need to add some new pictures and change the frames. Once the consumers start paying attention you can directly start sending them additional links through emails for your websites.
  1. Using Movie Clips: Using all-new movie footage in your email is an intriguing way of keeping the consumers engaged with your content. Here it is the easiest combination of putting the images and video together and then with the help of the cinematograph, your short video will be ready within seconds. In these kinds of clips, a specific selected part of the pictures moves and the rest remains the same.
  1. Embed HTML 5 Videos: If you have the technical aspects of HTML then you can start making emails. But the most common problem with the use of HTML is that it doesn't support any kind of video play options within the inbox itself. So using HTML for making videos might not be the most suitable option for those subscribers who are Apple users then you have to go to other options such as HTML 5.
  2. HTML 5 has a lot to offer. Here you can get several options from which you can choose the one according to your needs and requirements. After sending the emails to your subscribers you can also track the number of clients who have opened the videos and visited the website.
  3. Autoplay Videos: If you keep your videos in the autoplay mode then you can grab the attention of a lot of consumers. When the videos are on autoplay more the consumers are likely to watch these short videos till the end. The best advantage of setting the autoplay mode in is that from the video only they can directly visit the website they don't need to waste any more of their precious time looking for the website link.
  1. The video should not be more than 60 seconds:  The main purpose of email marketing videos is to retain the attention of the consumers. The top cornet campaign videos must be around 30-90 seconds and different individual videos further down the sales funnel lasts for 1-30 minutes. The observation period of the forthcoming consumer relies on their improvement through the sales funnel.

Once the main content of the email is targeted to the consumers. But you have to remember that the top funnel consumers should be able to then understand the significance of the message within the initial few moments. The message must be clear to the audience but it must have a deep meaning. The videos for the forthcoming customers who are your further targeting along the sales funnel should be the longer ones. It must resolve the questions or give a detailed product explanation to solve the doubts of the possible clients so that they can get persuaded to buy your commodities.

As it is the latest trend to include videos in your emails as video email marketing is the forthcoming future of selling techniques, we hope that this article will help you with your video email campaigns.

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