Getting Started with Alfred Video Demo (plus FAQs)

Refer a Friend Terms

1. You must be a paid subscriber to access your referral code.

2. Receive $10 off your next bill for every person you refer that becomes a paid subscriber.

3. Discounts cannot be accrued beyond your total invoice.

4. Self-referrals are not allowed. Meaning that the discount doesn't apply when inviting members of your own team.

5. Discounts do not apply for trial users. Discounts will only be assigned once the referred user subscribes.

6. Referrals are tracked through your unique link provided in our Refer a Friend page in Settings.

7. If the person you refer does not use referral link, discounts will not be applied.

8. Discounts are applied only on your next billing cycle and are not retrospective.

9. No activity for 3 months may cause your account to be terminated.

10. Any misuse or violation of refer a friend terms will get your account terminated

11. Trial users do not have access to referral code until they subscribe.

12. If you cancel or unsubscribe, all discounts are reset to $0.